a little bit about me

I have added a section called Delicious on this website because I come accross so many awesome products that I LOVE and want to share.... beautiful places... a gorgeous face ...it is here to simply and purely be enjoyed  :D


I used to think that one has to write very serious and grown up words in this section of one's website as to impress those who were looking at it with one's business sense in the area of trade.....

Now I feel that I want to share the feelings in my heart rather ... to be open about what I love and not hesitate to be vulnerable about my fears and dreams...

so that those who buy my products do so knowing a little bit about their creator and feel good about the whole process ...

and, anyway, if I was not efficient in business I would not be around after all these years :D



I have to admit:


Suddenly something inside me wakes up..

I feel like doing things
going places
creating beautiful things
finding treasures
spending hours talking to people about...
nothing important

i see colours that hide when it is summer

i want to take a lover
take a trip
make a wish
paint a wall
weave a cloth
cook huge pots of soup
invite my friends
my neighbours
the boy at the corner shop
get to really know the man in the ugly turban
and feel the warmth
and see the joy

i LOVE winter

i also LOVE creating 

beautiful things

new spaces

pretty clothes

fabulous jewelry

teeny tables